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CA870 extended mags?

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Hello, throughout my whole airsofting career, I have noticed that I'm in need (or want) of a shotgun due to their iconic appearances in movies (famous example: Hard Boiled). Due to this, I plan to go with the ACM clone of the CA870. Example here: http://www.surplusstore.co.uk/bb-guns/realistic-bb-rifles/by-model/other/6mm-acm-pump-action-shotgun.html


Now, enough of exposition. The point is, is that I'm wondering if extended mags for these are available, as I want to make it a bit like the norinco hawk pump-action shotgun (the one with the external magazine). I'm thinking about something like these mags: but the only problem is that they wouldn't work in a ca870.


So, does anyone have any experience with modding CA870 magazines (or maybe any other type of midcap)? All help appreciated, thanks.

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Sorry if I came out unclear, but the ACM clone I was referring to is the metal-bodied one which uses the original-style feed lips (reference: http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/sy-40rd-magazine-for-8870-series-shotgun.html) whilst the one you linked uses a different style of feed lips. Thanks for a reply, though.


Anyone else?

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