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Practice GBB pistol

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I'm looking to get a practice aid in the form of an airsoft GBB pistol for practicing pistol shooting fundamentals (trigger control, sight picture, etc.) that's cheaper than live ammo in a real steel gun. I want one based off of one of the real steel guns I consider "fighting guns" (based on their reliability and effectiveness) which I will list below. I'm looking for something that's $100 or less, but I am willing to go a little over if I think it's worth it. I would prefer them to be as accurate to the real gun as possible, just for practice's sake. It doesn't need to be powerful, because I never do anything right now but CQB skirmishes, and even then I'd just be a backup gun, but I would like it to be accurate and most of all, reliable.


I'm more of a real steel guy than and airsoft guy, so please let me know if any of this is weird or wrong.


Please note: I totally understand that airsoft guns are not real guns, and never will be, they cannot mimic the action of a real gun beyond basic functions; I'm just looking to get something to practice the fundamentals. I will still do lots of actual practice with real guns.


Guns I'd prefer:

Glock (I know they'll be hard to get, but still)

Smith and Wesson M&P

Anything SIG except non-fighting guns like the the Mosquito


Guns I wouldn't prefer, but would be cool with


Beretta M9

Anything FN

Anything H&K


Guns I absolutely do NOT want:

Cheap guns, like HiPoints

Springfield XD, any flavor

Anything else, really


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:pain: I'd kill for an airsoft Hi Point. Best humiliation gun ever, better than my flare gun even.

For your options, KJW P226 does fit the bill perfectly. I've had mine since 2006 and the only reason I've kept it for so long is that it's survived all this time and being dropped several times. If you can up your budget a little, VFC's M&P is supposed to be great (as much as the brand can be hated for any other gas gun they make). But if you can really spare the cash, Tokyo Marui's M&P is unbeatable. Comes with a manual safety though but is removable.

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The P226 is already a little over budget, and I don't want to slippery-slope my way into a $175-$200 gun, but I really appreciate the information. I may consider getting those M&Ps if I get a real steel M&P at some point, which I'd like to, but for now, the Sig is probably what I'll get. Thanks again!

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KJW SIG is only 90.00.


Glocks are not that hard to find I you know where to look.


However there are two variants of the Glock in slide thickness so some holsters may not work ideally.


Better, yet...tell us what you have and actually get that pistol.

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I am not yet 21, so I don't have a real steel pistol yet. I wanted something to allow me to build up a little skill before I got one. I understand it might build some recoil-related training scars, but I plan on purchasing some real training from Tactical Response, Costa Ludas, Valor Ridge, or something when I do get a real gun, which should help fix that. they will be expensive, that's why I'm saving now. I figure it will be a Glock, M&P, or Sig (probably 320, but maybe 22X or 250), because, based on my admittedly limited research, they are the most reliable guns that aren't made by certain companies that hate American civilian gun owners (HK cough cough) or $3000 custom jobs. I'm sorry if I was misleading. Really, the only determining factor between the three will be which gun I like best in terms of shooting it, so I think I'll just try to get around to shooting them all, then pick a quality GBB based on that. The only semi-auto (I've been behind a few revolvers) pistol I've personally ever shot was a Springfield 1911. I am not going to buy an unreliable 1911, and reliable ones cost upwards of $2000. Besides the cost, the manual safety kind of puts me off.


I have plenty of experience with rifles, as our school has a rifle team (which is awesome), and enough with shotguns, but I've only shot pistols a few times with limited shots. Pistols are, of the three, the hardest to use, so I wanted to get lots of cheap practice with Airsoft.


Again, sorry if I mislead you, have a good day.

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I personally own a KJW M9 and it works amazing (I get all my info on this from my friend who had the KJW 226 as his first hand gun, he now has a TM 5.1). I use it a lot for target practice. It has decent gas efficiency. 4 seconds of gas will get you about 50 rounds down range and it shoots at about 335 FPS. My friend had it as his first gun and says it was by far the best small investment in airsoft for him. I'd say buy it.


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I'm not a fan of the M9 when run hard. I like the ergos of the grip, but I hate the safety on the slide. I know it's a training issue to avoid them, but just don't like them there. I don't like safeties in general, especially ill-placed ones.


Thanks for the suggestion, though!

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