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So I recently upgraded my WE G17 with a 150% angel custom recoil and hammer spring, had to sand out a bit of the blowback housing to get it to work, I sanded to much so im using thin foil above the blowback housing as shims, it works perfectly. Also, I high flow valved 2 of my mags, and just broke in two my outer barrel


1) Which Blowback housing will fit nicely on my WE G17?

2) Which COOL LOOKING (NOT EXPENSIVE) Outer barrel should I get?


thats a 3d printed RIS mount for sale at




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1. Factory Stock Housings

2 Cool and Not Expensive? What are you calling not Expensive? 40.00 is not expensive and Ace ones makes a few outer barrels.


No need to blob out the fake trademark...its not real Glock.


had to do it in shapeways.com, and I was way to lazy to take another photo,

well considering that where I live with 40 usd you can eat a whole week, it's quite expensive, I've heard guarder have fitment issues, so I think I'll buy 2 We stock ones. since the other one lasted over a year.


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