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FLAK Recruiting ~ Southwest Michigan (Van Buren, Berrien, Kalamazoo)

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Frontline Logistics and Assault Kompanie

Established: Summer 2007.

Team Theme: Multinational private military contractors.

Total Members: 5 Active, 15 Auxiliary.

Membership Area: Southwest Michigan (Active Members), Eastern Michigan and Chicago (Auxiliary Members).

Home Field: Hole In The Wall Paintball (Bangor, Michigan).

Experience Level: Experienced.

- Dual enrollment membership friendly (Multiple Teams).

- LGBT and MMMP friendly.

Age Requirements: 16+

Transportation Requirements: Must have reliable transportation to and from games and/or events.

Experience Level Requirements: None, everyone has to learn sometime...

Equipment Requirements:

Replica Requirements: High performance automatic electric gun (AEG) only.

- Individual replica styles and models are left to the discretion of the player.

- All team members must have at least one high capacity magazine compatible with their replica.

- All team members must have a compatible battery and charger for their replica.

- All team members are required to have a barrel cover for their replica.

We Recommend: AK or AR-15 models or variants.

Goggle Requirements: Full seal goggles only, no exceptions.

- Under no circumstances will mesh goggles, shooting glasses, lab safety goggles, safety glasses, or sunglasses be allowed.

- All goggles must be ANSI-902.1 rated, no exceptions.

We Recommend: Arena Flakjak, Bolle, or paintball masks equipped with a thermal lens.

Uniform Requirements: Minimum of one complete uniform.

Green Based: Woodland, MARPAT, DPM, OD Green, Flecktarn, Multicam, Kamesh, or Alpenflage.

Tan Based: Three-Color Desert, Six-Color Desert, Arid MARPAT, ACU, ABU, or Arid DPM.

Contractor: Khaki Cargo Pants, Black Shirt or T-Shirt, and a Khaki Baseball Cap.

We Recommend: Woodland, Three Color Desert, or Contractor.

Tactical Gear Requirements: Load bearing tactical gear.

- Players are allowed to choose which ever particular style of load bearing tactical gear that suits their playing style and preferred weapon best.

We Recommend: Chest Rigs, Plate Carriers, or Battle Belts.

Face Protection Requirements: Shemagh or balaclava.

- All team members must have additional face-protection in the form of either a shemagh or a balaclava.

- Team members are required to possess at least one of these in order to meet the face protection regulations of outside fields and event coordinators.

- Individual choices such as style or color pattern are left to team member discretion.

We Recommend: Green, tan, or foliage colored shemaghs.

Footwear Requirements: Tan or black combat boots.

- Team members will be operating on extremely rough and diverse terrain, during all weather conditions. Durable, rugged footwear is absolutely critical to avoiding injury. No exceptions!

We Recommend: Surplus military grade combat boots, Vibram soles.

Member Status Regulations:

Recruit – Minimum of six months of playing attendance. Compliance with all team equipment regulations is waived until requirements are met.

Full Member – Minimum one year of playing attendance and compliance with all team equipment regulations.

Auxiliary Member (Inactive) – Requires ‘Full Member’ status, minimum two years of playing attendance and compliance with all team equipment regulations.

Cooperative Security Force – Requires full compliance with all MOB/CSF program requirements.

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