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How to sell some guns

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Hey guys, long time no talk! Tbh I only remember a few of yall like Renegade, Guges, Airborne, Alberty and idk more of u guys lol. Anyway, I have some guns I wanna sell on ebay because I'm behind on my schools payment plan and I need to sell stuff to make up for it.


Anyway, I'm not authorized to sell on here but I need some help for like ebay.


I have a KWA never used in game mp9 with that angry gun mock suppressor but I can't get the damn supressor off so theres no orange tip...


I have a perfect TM HK45 which im not sure if I wanna sell yet but again, no orange tip and I got it off uncompany and I took off the putty covering the trades and I lost the box it came in because it was inside out anyway.


Also, I have a KSC Glock 18c again, no tip lol. Mainly, how do I go about selling guns without orange tips? I tried looking for orange tips on the internet but cant find any.

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Go ahead and throw it up on here. I disabled the posting restrictions and made a post about it. Haven't been able to get in contact with admin to deal with payment problems, so I am just removing the restriction. Post away.

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Guest alberty

Ebay requires an orange tip. If you don't have one they will literally call you at home about your pulling your listing. BTDT.


I never got a phone call personally, but I have gotten listings removed for that same reason. If someone reporting is really aggressive, they can also refer to eBay's rule about you have to show the magazine feed lips to prove it's a replica and not for an actual.


The worst part is you get strikes on your account for this. I understand it's my fault but it's an annoyance and puts me close towards bad standing when I'm just trying to sell legitimate airsoft replicas.

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Yeah, I had listed two old 1970's Marx Springfield 1904 cap rifles on there, they called me and said they didn't have orange tips on the barrels so they had to take my listing down. I told them to look again at the photos, I had a tape measure next to the rifles, they were only 7 inches long.


They apologized for bothering me and put the listing back up :rolleyes:

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