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not sure where to post this....

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Guest alberty

Looks cool for the realism, but overly complicated for what most airsofters will want to do.

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We had things like this in the Army called "Casualty Cards". You kept it sealed in an envelope inside your first aid pouch on your LBE. If during an exercise using MILES gear your sensor went off indicating you had been injured, the soldier pulled out the casualty card and whatever injury was stated on it was what you had received and what the medics treated you for.


Maybe it's just me, but cool factor aside, that system is overly reliant on technology that could fail/go wonky, and unless it is something purchased by the owner's of an airsoft field that issue them to team "Medics", I'm guessing it's going to be too cost prohibitive for individual players to buy.


Then again, I was born before the Vietnam War so I'm old fashioned that way. :disguise:

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