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Total noob, what do I have here guys

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Hey guys, I need help with figuring out what these guns are worth and the best way to get rid of them. I was into it for a bit years ago, but have no urge to play and I'm trying to pay off some debt. I know I can't sell here, just need advice on where I should start. The first gun is an ICS M4 AEG trainer with Olympic Arms written on it. It breaks in half to expose the gears. The second gun is, I think, an Tokyo Marui mp5 sd6 with a ICS stock. My friend that left it for me when he moved said it was a tokyo marui, but I can find no brand name on the weapon, just see a ICS logo on the stock. The M4 is full metal, the mp5 may be hard plastic with some metal pieces. Both have 8.4 v batteries and shoot very well. The clip on the M4 has a wheel thing at the bottom that occasionally needs to be spun around to keep the ammo coming. I'm going to post a youtube video shooting them as soon as I have the batteries fully charged. Any advice on what to do with these will be appreciated, as well as any knowledge of the exact models. I have more pics, just not enough room on this post.. Thanks.







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