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WE 1911 kb custom (evike ng3), M9, browning hi-power m1935, or ISSC M22 for first GBB

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been spending the last few months deciding what sidearm to choose, I have my heart set on these four:



1911 kb custom:

NOTE: I'm well aware of the old reputation of WE 1911s the alternative 1911s (I.e. kjw, TM, etc), but the people who I talked to assured me that WE has stepped up their game in terms of quality and QC

-what I'm leaning towards the most

-cheapest of the 4

-if I can find the right scope and holster, would make a good base to upgrade to a "designated marksman pistol" in the future.

-has consistently good reviews on evike (5-4 star average rating)

-ng3 system seems it can hold better than stock WE (what evike claims anyway)

-most customizable of the 4



-has a better reputation than 1911s (according to the people here anyway)

-big mag capacity

-compatible with tm mags (?)



-most unique of the 4

-metal mag lips

-those ak-style sites look pretty neat



-best glock alternative I could find that's within my budget

-the potential to take co2 if necessary

-can take most glock mags (possibly including tm mags)






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Any reviews with Awesome in it is from soeone that is distracted easily by a shiney.


Reviews on Evike are worthless. Nothing ever has a "bad" review on there. It would be bad for business.


The only holster you can use on a pistol WITH a scope is a speed holster.


Those "AK sights" came out decades before the AK...don't call them AK sights they are called Tangent Sights and are meant assist the shooter in "lobbing bullets at a target.


Now that I look at your choices I can find more fault with most of them than positives.


You should narrow down to 2 choices, then we can discuss strengths and weaknesses.

Edited by Guges Mk3

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M22 is .22 replica. If that is what you want...go for it. Parts are limited and accessories are even less available. In stock form it should work just fine.


1911 has more availability in parts and components. Good for an eventual upgrade.

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