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CQB defense tactics

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My airsoft team will be providing OPFOR for another team training their CQB skills. We will be defending a string of building, they will be attacking, breaching and clearing. Once they clear a building/set of buildings they have won and we move over to the next position.

I was searching online for principles or even tactics of good CQB defense, but could only find entry/clearing/offensive ones. I have of course went over MOUT manuals, however I could not get any tactical specifics, I.e.:

- what is the best way to defend a staircase

- best way to defend a hallway

- best way to defend doorway

- how to plan defense of a whole building

What I know so far, that is practical for airsoft/civilian team:

- If there are multiple buildings, do not bunch up in just one. Use more of them and with converging fields of fire

- Separate the unit into small teams (we operate down to fireteams of four) and give them specific sectors to defend

- Try to cover all approaches and never leave a blind spot

- Have a plan of withdrawal, with clear signals

- Block whatever approaches you cannot cover

That's about it :( As I said, I am completely lost when it comes to specifics: how to create effective fields of fire inside, how to position inside rooms etc.

I would greatly appreciate any form of help. I.e. linking to any resources/videos would be magnificent.


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This is something you cannot just follow a script for and it is a skill you cannot attain by reading a suggestion for online. However, we can only guide you. Each situation is different. How many steps are on the stair case, is it open from top to bottom or is it enclosed. Are the step solid or can yo shoot under them. Is it a spiral stair case? How many floors are in the building? etc...


See how things are just for stair case?


Can you make barricades? If you can...they will never get in. Do you have a floor plan? Stick to your guide lines, but push the envelop on what you are allowed to do.


The keep points are ANGLES and CHOKE POINTS.


Find the choke points and get the angles on making them hard to pass.


Look at the floor plan above. See the choke points...front and back door? Have a person in both offices for the front and one person in either bathroom with one person at the bottom of the stairs.


I once held off 5 SWAT officers from a conference room (in training) due to me tipping the LONG conference table over and semi barricading the door to not fully open. I crabbed walked back and forwards along the length of the table and popped up to take shots and I had a broom to manipulate chairs (for feints/diversions). A simple triangle wedge prevented them from opening the door so they had to come in single file and I capped the first 2 officers who followed protocol and tried to jam their way in...face shots took them out.

Then I was poking a chair with the broom and the third officer ran in over his dead comrades and sprayed shots over the top of the table in the area of the moving chair. I stood up from the other side and (you can see the fear and expression of "oh :pain:..you got me") as I put 2 rounds on his face shield. 4th guy finally got me with a neck shot from the crack of the door.

All that I described above cannot be scripted. It is skill, experience and the ability to think on your feet and not tunnel vision on a task.

So...with that...get what Intel you have on the building and what you are allowed to do and use. BTW...you have the easy part...

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funnel the attackers by blocking entrances you don't want them to use and set up an "easy" way in to lure them in.

If you're allowed, place random furniture around to block movement etc.


all these tactics/techniques need to be practiced extensively and despite how great your tactics are, often enough they fly out the window when you and the other side just happen into each other and then it becomes a game of who is fastest on the gun and on that note, don't be afraid to start engaging even though you may be shooting into someone's pelvis/gut.

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Some questions?

Time limit? (Do the attackers have all the time in the world to attack?)


Does the building itself have to survive? (ie. can it be used as a trap, ie. 'brought down' causing all those inside to perish?)

Can you use smoke to obscure vision? To flush the enemy out of a fully enclosed area?

Can you set up remote viewing or motion sensing equipment? (ie. as described in http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/topic/285671-motion-sensor-for-cqb/)


Sometimes the best way to defend is by attacking, ie. wait for the enemy to have most of his force inside a building (maybe mount a token defense and draw him in), then all your team emerges or rushes in, attacking him from multiple directions. Basically try to make the enemy do something that you can then capitalize on and counter. If you can predict your enemy, then you can set up traps and counter-actions in advance.


Defending a staircase -- make traps, ie. heavy furniture at the top of the stairs that you can push over as they try to advance up the stairs.


A doorway -- if they burst through 'in force', then fan out to avoid the 'funnel of death', can you spill some oil or something slippery on the ground in front of the door?


A hallway -- create obstacles, partial barricades, etc.

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