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- Paypal only

- Price does NOT include shipping

- No international shipping

- All sales are final/ as is

- Items do not ship until full payment received

- Offers welcome (Please no low-balling)

- Trades - Working PDR-C , MP9 (blk or tan), or Polerstar Jack.

- Please PM offers for fastest response.




01 - This is a fully custom build. Meaning, every piece was purchased separately and built from the ground up. In near mint condition. All internals were assembled and tuned by "HonorSystemsAirsoft," all externals were assembled by myself. Shooting just under 400 FPS with .20's at approx. 27 RPS. Shoots perfectly and smoothly no issues. With parts and labor the build total was around $1200. Has been cleaned and tuned regularly. - $650

Parts List:


- G&P Magpul VLTOR/MUR1 Limited Ed. receiver. Numbered. (These are no longer in production.) Tan

- Madbull Spikes Tactical BAR 12" RIS. Black

- MFT Minimalist Stock. Tan

- G&P CNC Aluminum Outer Barrel - 9.7". Black

- Madbull Noveske KFH Amplifier CW. Tan

- G&P 5 Position Battery-Ready Buffer Tube

- G&P Ergonomic I.A. motor grip. Tan

- Night Evolution M30A Mini Scout Light x/ dual function tape switch. Tan

- MFT REACT Short verticle grip. Black

- Troy Diamond style folding battle sights. Black

- Ambidextrous charging skeleton handle. Raptor style.


- Matrix Godzilla Super HighTorque motor.

- Infected Armory MOSFET

- Wired to rear w/ Deans connection.

- G&P Gear Box

- SHS Hight Torque gear set.

- Angel Custom Advanced Stainless Ribbed Cylinder -.7"U (300mm - 370mm)

- Bravo Polycarb Extreme Piston (10 Metal teeth)

- Prowin Hop-up chamber. (Set for custom fit.)

- Maple Leaf Bucking with Flat nub.

- Angel Custom 6.01 Tight bore inner barrel.

- Prometheus m120 Spring


02 - Madbull Gemtech Quick Detach Mock Suppressor Barrel Extension. Tan - $40


03 - Dytac Lantac Dragon Brake Flash Hider. (HK version.) 14mm ccw - $25


04 - Dytac Lantac Dragon Brake Flash Hider. (HK Costa version.) 14mm cw - $30


05 - Guarder ModII Verticle Grip. Black - $10


06 - Matrix WA GBBR 6.01 Tightbore inner barrel 300mm. - $10






PM me if you are interested or have any other questions. Thank you!

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