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Leaving Airsoft Sale - Tons of BRAND NEW Gear and Parts!

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I purchased my 1-year classifed membership earlier today but it still shows I'm a citizen?? :/


Hi everyone! I have been out of airsoft for over a year now and have finally found time to post all of the items I would like to sell. Most items are brand new and what isn’t new is in great condition.

- Shipping to the lower 48 states only

- Free shipping on all items via USPS First Class or Priority mail

- Tracking links will be sent after Paypal payment is received

- No returns will be accepted

- Feel free to offer me


Sorry for the date on the photos I meant to put 01-04-2016. Happy New Years!


*NEW* BTC Sprectre V2 Gearbox Mosfet - $200



*NEW* LaRue 10.0 Rail System - $90



*NEW* Prometheus 229mm 6.03 Barrel - $50

*NEW* Prometheus Neo Strike Hop-Up Chamber - $50

*NEW* Prometheus Straight Trigger - $45


*NEW* Lonex A2 Long/High Torque Motor - $50

*NEW* Lonex Extreme Toughness Piston - $25


*NEW* King Arms 8mm V2 Gearbox Shell - $50


*NEW* Kanzen 8mm Ceramic Bearings - $35


*NEW* VFC 8.5” Outer Barrel - $40

VLTOR Gas Blocknd Gas Tube - SOLD



*NEW* Magpul PTS EMAG 120rd Magazine - $40

*NEW* Magpul PTS PMAG M-Series 120rd Magazine - $40 each, $100 for all 3



*NEW* Troy Rear Battle Sight - $15



*NEW* Barrel Extension Set - 3”=$10, 5”=$14, 7”=$18, all for $35



Buffer Tube Set - $10

KONG Power 11.1v 1400mah Lipo Battery - $25
(only recharged once)

*NEW* ARS Sorbo Pad - $10 each
*NEW* A.R.S. Spring Guide - $25 each
*NEW* A.R.S. Cylinder Head and AOE Spacers - $35

*NEW*Guarder SP130 - $10
*NEW*Guarder SP110 - $10
Guarder SP110 - $10
*NEW*Guarder SP110 - $10
*NEW*Guarder S100+ - $10

*NEW*King Arms Type 96 Piston - $20
*NEW*LAYLAX PSS2 Piston Head - $20

*NEW* Guarder M4A1 Cylinder - $15
*NEW* Guarder MP5 Cylinder - $15
*NEW* Guarder V2 Tappet Plate - $8
*NEW* Guarder Selector Plate - $8 each
*NEW* Guarder Cut-Off Lever - $7
*NEW* Guarder Fuse/Wire Set - $6



*NEW* Modify Shim Set - $4
*NEW* Modify 8mm Bushing Set - $14
*NEW* Modify Air Seal Nozzle - $8
*NEW* Modify Anti-Reversal Latch - $10
*NEW* Modify Tappet Plate - $8
*NEW* Modify Poly Piston Head - $20



*NEW* Modify Accurate Hop-Up Chamber - $20


*NEW* Super Shooter 7-teeth Piston - $12


*NEW* SHS 13:1 High Speed Gear Set - $20


King Arms Ambi Mag Catch - $8
(missing screw)

*NEW* KSC .30g 2200ct BBs - $12

*NEW* KWA .30g 2200ct BBs - $12


*NEW* Magpul Replica Black Trigger Guard - $6


Broken G&G 450rd M4 Magazine - $16
(piece fell off from inside, probably can be fixed easily)

Edited by -JOE-

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