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Glock Style GBB?

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KSC/KWA, TM. STARK, WE and KJW all make Glocks illegally. You can find them if you look in the right places.


In fact I know someone selling a new KSC G34 with 2 spare magazines for 150.00 shipped


And CYB is coming out with the Official one, but is not ready yet and it is for LE/MIL "use" only.

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Hey guys. I was wondering if there is an affordable glock style gas blow back for around $130 or less. I have been looking at the ISSC M22, but is there any better choice out there? I really like glocks... they look modern and sleek. Thanks!


-RWA Cobra


If you want a glock replica then definitely listen to what Guges and Renegadecow has to say, because the KSC and TM ones are very very nice. If you aren't a fan of importing, Evike does sell the CAA Roni kit that uses a WE Glock 17, all trade marked and everything, Evike doesn't say that on their website (Due to copyright and won't risk it), but when my friend ordered one he got the beauty.

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