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10-Minute Mag Leak Fix

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1. Take the leaky magazine, and ensure it's empty of propellant.


2. Depress the top fill valve and spray WD-40 inside the rubber seal that feeds to tank inside. Give a generous amount, you want to be able to liberally coat the inside walls of the tank.


3. Shake the magazine vigoriously, and then set it in various positions (typically baseplate down) as gravity will help feed lubricant to the portions of the baseplate that are dry.


4. Let the magazine sit for 5-10 minutes, and then give it a SMALL pressure charge (giving it too much could prematurely blow out swelling seals).


You may find it does not leak at this time. Now, discard this magazine for an additional 5-10 minutes. Then give it a gas charge and it should not leak. Now expel 2-3 magazines worth of a gas charge (half a full charge, shaken to capture excess oil) out of the magazine, and give it a small charge for long-term storage.


If it does leak at this point, expel the small gas charge, and let the magazine sit for an additional 5-10 minutes. Check again and see if the leak is gone. Then, again, following the above steps, clear excess oil from the magazine and prepare for storage, or repeat treatment, but disassembly and inspection of mag is likely the best option.




I just did this last night on my mags and fixed two leaks in 10 minutes. if only I'd known that trick when I used to airsoft more! A 10 year old HFC M9 magazine, and a 5 year old KWA MAC11 magazine. Both leaked from the baseplate seals, and I know from expierence those typically require more work than a quick spray of lube to fix.


I use wd40 on a regular basis to maintain seals on my gas guns and have seen no problems, it merely seems more effective at swelling seals to stop leakage as these seals tend to dry out quite quickly with usage. I believe that silicon oil is far less effective in being able to seep and penetrate into deeply contained seals. I like use silicon oil to treat non-leaky seals, whereas I use WD-40 for magazines that are leaky or have particularly old/compressed seals, but I really use whatever is closest. That being said, I do not recommend wd40 for use inside airsoft guns, as it's not a very good lubricant for most airsoft purposes.

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if only I'd known that trick when I used to airsoft more!

I use wd40 on a regular basis to maintain seals on my gas guns and have seen no problems

So basically, you recommend doing this even though you don't actually play very often. WD-40 only seems to work in fixing your leak because it makes the o-rings swell. Even though you've flushed the mag seemingly free of WD-40, the o-rings which have soaked it up will release it gradually which will then wind up going everywhere anyway. It can make the other seals and hop rubber swell too which will obviously affect performance and not to mention make ABS plastic brittle which is what most nozzles are made of.

When fixing things, there's always the right way and the quick and dirty way. For addressing leaky mags, either use sealants (only for static seals) which takes 24h to cure, or if you're really pressed for time do the absolute proper way which is replacing the compromised seal with a new one. If you can't afford ten cents to fix a leaky mag with a new o-ring, I suggest abandoning gas guns altogether if your only other solution is to use WD-40.

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It's the thought that counts. :\


When rarely, necessary, I just submerge my magazines in a little plastic container filled with 10wt silicone oil. Then again, I haven't had a leaky mag for some time...


WD-40 is not a good idea...Though it's certainly nostalgic! Just smelling it takes me back to my once-best friend's living room where we were "lubricating" his spring FAMAS with an obscene amount of the stuff. That was eight years ago, my, how time flies...

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