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Receiver Pin-Holes Aren't Lining Up

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I'm having some trouble getting my Lonex 8mm reinforced GB to fit inside my metal lower receiver correctly. The receiver pin-holes aren't lining up enough to get a pin through. I can squeeze them together to where they almost line up on both sides. I'm thinking that there's an area where I could file down a little to allow the GB to get in there a little more.


Since I'm relatively new to doing work on this stuff, I wanted to make sure I'm not going to somehow make things crack in half.


Should I shave off some material or do something else instead?

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umm..I had this problem when I didn't put the GB back correctly...

but first, is that GB suppose to be in that receiver? or that GB is an aftermarket part?

if it is suppose to be in that receiver, then you might need to open your GB up and put it back correctly..

if it's aftermarket part then I would think it just need modification to fit...


that's just my thought...could be wrong

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