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Help pick two training guns

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First of all thanks for a great forum. I have been reading and think I have narrowed my choices but I know of nowhere I can feel these and try them for my purposes. I have never owned an airsoft other than a cheap spring gun awhile back. My purpose for these guns is the most realistic cqb training I can get in my 30 foot barn. I shoot real steel and am really appreciative of the airsoft communities dedication to realistic guns and training. I will try to list my needs/requirements in order of importance feel free to comment on my choices and any aspects as well as recommend another gun. I shoot M4 style carbines with red aimponts and glock handguns.


I have settled (I think) on the kwa atp and the G&G combat machine.


My most important aspect is reliability long term , this is mostly for training and if the guns are gonna break or I have to constantly fix them I will probably lose interest and I don't want to do that. Who knows maybe I will get addicted and be looking for groups in my area!


Next is keeping price reasonable. 100-150 for a pistol and 150-300 for a rifle. I want guns I don't have to fiddle with all the time but don't have any problem working in them from time to time.


Next is parts availability for the parts that do wear out, as well as user repairable and serviceable.


Next is trigger feel, weight and any other aspects that make the training as close to real steel as possible. I want as realistic a trigger feel as possible on both weapons.


Next and related to the above, mainly on the M4 is the manual of arms or weapons manipulations, safety, mag changes, locking bolt if possible,etc. if I can change parts to add real steel parts where necessary this would be great, most importantly an ambi safety as all my M4's have ambi safety's .


I will shoot these at ranges form 7-30 yds but most likely around 10 Yds. Quick snaps, multiple shots, moving while shooting etc. mag changes and malfunction drills also.


Thanks anyone who has time to help me make the right investment. I'm itching to order ASAP and have been pointed toward airsoft megastore. I will add questions or comments below as they come up.


Thanks all!



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Adding info as I read. Trese look like two good options. I also like the idea of being able to upgrade and customize internals as I love working on stuff as a hobby. I just don't want to have to work on it to have fun with it.





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Your not going to get close in trigger feel on the AEG. It's an electric gun and it will never happen. Move to a Gas AR if you want a trigger like a real AR.


For the ATP...it will be closer to a real Glock pistol, with distinctive break and resets. BUT, it is no where near the stock 5lb pull of a Glock. It's more like 2.5 lbs.

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The more I read last night I saw I may need to give on trigger feel. It seems gas guns are signifigNyly more maintenance, slightly less reliable and less customizable. Is that the case?



It can be quite complicated if you pick the right platform to chose from.


You can take this:




And customize it to something like this:




Which is a "factory" model...but the possibilities are quite limitless.


I have to add...60% of what you read about airsoft is inaccurate, exaggerated or misconstrued. Vet your info like you have here and you will get a good sense of what you can really do.



As for being less reliable...yes over an AEG. But, not necessarily in itself...unless you buy a really cheap replica.

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Thank you for your input. I think I have settled on a gas pistol for sure. The kwa atp.


As far as an m4 I am still deciding. I came across the King arms m4ris colt replica. GBB. It shows it will accept a v2 gearbox as well so I though about buying another lower. If so would it be as simple as just swapping mags and lowers back and forth? This really intrigues me. If this gun is considered fairly durable (it won't be getting tossed around and dropped) then it has suddenly become top of my list.

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Another lesson in Airsoft. If it sounds to good to be true...it is.


The KA GBBR that can use a mechbox lower is a Terrible GBBR. You have to have proprietary gas mags and AEG mags. Trigger is terribly unrealistic and the GHK gas system is horrible inefficient.


It is a waste of money.

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Guest alberty

Thank you! This is exactly the kind of feedback I need. So what about the possibility of having two separate lowers instead of two separate complete guns ? Do most airsoft uppers and lowers interchange and if so is there any difference in a GBB upper and an aeg upper?


Airsoft AEG and GBBR upper receivers are completely different, as well as the lower receivers. They are different in size, shape, and design due to different platforms.

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