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Milsim Kit list - " Feedback Wanted "

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Tim, I wont give you a yay or nay because this stuff is so incredibly dependent on the individual. for me for 72 hours im taking just the uniform im wearing (standard us army Skorpion W2 issued) 3 pairs of sox and a water proof sleeping bag. Everything past that will be water and for airsoft of course batteries and ammo. I'm used to running with a 40 pound vest as well as a 7 pound helmet so my bag will have absolutely nothing I cant live without.


As I said at the beginning its all preference I liked the video and that you gave a reason for everything your bringing in your bag.



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The idea is great, showing what you carry to a MilSim event can be useful even for a regular skirmish day.

Just a couple of things to say: it would be really nice to see all that gear packed in a bag, to see where you actually put certain items in your bags and such..

I don't get the double lbe and the different weapon systems, if I had the chance to go to a MilSim event I'd probably take only 1 lbe and 2 guns with me (among them they would be the Ares and G&P M4s) so that if anything goes wrong with one, I still have a replacement which takes mags and batteries from my primary, saving weight and space..

Other than that, the kit description is well made, you carry a lot of useful things..

I'd suggest to look for a more compact sleeping bag, that thing looks bulky af (my winter sleeping bag is rated to -19c comfort and it takes half the space of yours without being compressed since I broke my original sack).. and maybe a better way to store the items in that box along with a tool kit for field repairs on your primary (springs, pistons, gears, maybe a complete hop up chamber or screws/pins that you may lose)..

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