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Hey guys, recently posted a unanswered topic asking about the TM PX4. Now to think about it, don't know why I even asked.


Anyways, I'm a big fan on the "real steel" side and want to get the airsoft version. I've owned many gas guns in my career and I always chose TM over anything. Recently noticed that the WE PX4 is (3PX4) also another option I have. Although not a big fan of WE, I've heard great things about their PX4. Not sure which to choose and price wise, WE is going to allow me to buy the PX4 itself and 2 extra magazines compared to being only able to get the TM PX4 for the same price. What are your thoughts?

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Guest alberty

If you choose the WE, you are saving some money that you're putting into extra magazines for it. That is good for having them as spare or just having more reloads when it comes to using it for a game.


The TM definitely will have the better quality control and out of box quality/performance, but as most stock TM GBBs go, the extended use of propane or green gas could eventually lead to something on the slide breaking and then you'll seek a good quality metal slide replacement.


If you don't care for that long term plan, also if you already want a metal slide from factory, then the WE option isn't too bad. It's from the newer series which are made decent for the price.

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