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  1. 1. If you had a choice between TM or WE which would you choose? Tell me why :)!

    • Tokyo Marui
    • WE-Tech

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This question came to me after I was discussing over a PX4 with a couple of friends.


Tokyo Marui and WE-Tech are both big companies, but WE-Tech has quite a "Bad" reputation with some of their products leading to the fact to most airsofters that "WE sucks".


Because Tokyo Marui was quite the "Beginning" of airsoft, all (more likely most) internal and external upgrades are based off and for their products.


^ That was the main reason I chose TM over anything when it came to GBBs with a abundant option of upgrades (Specifically the Hi-Capa).


Recently noticed that some guns don't have as many upgrades, and in the perspective of a, say, beginning airsofter, WE seems much more appealing than the TM.


That's what gets me, over the couple of years I've been playing, WE was fun to shoot but ended up breaking. TM, on the other hand, has always performed flawlessly and never gave me a problem. Recently, WE began to pick up their game and started to create pretty well made replicas.


So the main question is, would you chose WE over TM? Yes or No. Please also say why!

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WE's are not as terrible as they first once were in the mid-2000.


I would have no issues using a WE or a TM. 90% of most Amreican Airsofters don't understand that the "tool" is limited by the capability and skill of the "user".


They were trained by video games and the unrealistic upgrade system within those games, better equipment means I play better. Yet in reality it is the opposite that is true.


I have surrendered far more "kids" with $800.00 guns with my pistol just by maneuvering and getting the drop on them over actually shooting at them.

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Guest alberty

For me I have experience with a lot of each, and I say that this is going to on a case-by-case basis. For anything non-Hi-capa or non-1911, I don't have a problem with using the WE counterpart. It's cheaper, has an ok metal slide, and is fine on green gas/propane without any eventual break of the slide in the way that the TM plastic slide will eventually go.


I definitely like the TM factory quality and performance, and there's no beating that especially when upgraded, but I also one who does not invest that much money or time into any particular gun. There's a lot more in the game to eliminate enemy players than how kitted your gun is.


I have had some experience with WE GBBRs and they're OK. I have not tried WE SMGs or TM GBBRs/SMGs though.

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If the gun is...

90% for the look, the feel when gripping, and decoration = WE for it's metal slide.
Half for look, half for shooting = Marui for it's perfect performance (all original)

10% for the look, 90% for competitive shooting = WE, because you're gonna upgrade its parts no matter which you choose. And WE's quality can surely have you satisfied throughout your newbie phase.

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While I've always liked TM's (and I own a good assortment of them), in the last couple of years I've become a big WE fan, especially with some of their latest models.


Their Walther P38 is excellent (I now have 3 but still trying to get short barreled version). The new model 1911 is very good and while it uses their same 1911 magazine, the pistol is a redesign that has corrected previous issues. The Timberwolf, sold by Echo 1 and now being sold through Socom Gear, is just plain excellent. I just did a upgrade of a Timberwolf XTR using Guarder trigger, serial number plate, stainless guide rod and full metal sights and found a Lonewolf satin chrome finished threaded barrel. It's FDE colored and it shoots superbly. The frame is also made of some of the best plastic/polymer I've ever worked with.


I like the new WE pistols as they seem to take to any TM upgrade part and I don't have to spend $160+ for a new metal slide and frame as I would if I was upgrading a stock TM (which I've done as well with various 1911's and G series pistols).


We also has good parts availability and they always seem to come out with new models that no one else seems to be looking to do, like their new P99

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