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SoS, help.

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Hello everyone, I am in desperate need of help because I am extremely indecisive in choosing a main AEG. I am not really new to airsoft, and have purchased many AEGs, both new and used. I sold all of my guns, and I am hoping to choose one rifle to be my main and reliable gun. Because you guys are all experienced, I would like input from you guys on a high quality AEG that is new on the market, and has plenty of customization and features. I am open to any AEGs under 500 dollars. Thank you for your time.

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Guest jroble95

E&L ak I guess, cyma aks are good too, only problem with them is that you get a lot of lemons but when you get a good gun its a GOOD GUN. cm028s are crap budget guns lol, get a cm048 or even a 74u of some sort as their pretty noice

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