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Jeebus Christmas

Help me achieve a general understanding on the relationship between a gas AR-15's recoil spring, buffer and bolt

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I'm rebuilding my WE AR-15, instead of going straight for furniture and whatnot, I'm going to focus on at least making the rifle functioning once more. I've ordered a replacement open bolt kit from Evike, but I'm having difficulty choosing the buffer, and buffer spring for my rifle. On that note, I'm using a rifle-length receiver extension.


From what I understand, having a lighter recoil spring will increase felt recoil, but I'm not sure what the effects of a lighter spring are beyond felt recoil.


Also, what's the point of a heavier or lighter buffer? I opened up a rifle-length buffer, took out all the weights, and it's certainly featherweight. (It also let out some funny-smelling smoke once I popped the rubber tip, wtf)



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