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Texas Treasures: New Player

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Hello, my name’s Ryen. I’m from the Dallas-Fort Worth area and generally stick around Denton during the week. I’m 17 and about to graduate high school. I just started playing Airsoft a couple weeks ago with a friend of mine. I immediately fell in love. I played paintball with my brother when I was a preteen, but was too self-conscious to fully delve into the sport and have fun. With Airsoft, I feel more at home and accepted. Everyone has been extremely kind, helpful, and considerate of me so far. For now, I’ve only played at D14 Airsoft but I hope to experience other fields and communities as well, which is why I joined the site.

Currently, I don’t have any gear or weapons of my own, but instead I rent or borrow from others if they give me permission. Considering I’ve only played a few times, I don’t think my lack of commitment is anything less than appropriate.

On a side note, I really like turtles and lizards as well as reading. I also happen to be a female.

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It's nice to meet you, Ikilljoy. Are you new to airsoft entirely or just the forum?

Entirely...but I can already tear apart and rebuild my gear box, lol. I'm just trying to learn about all of the different components within the gear box so that I can make good decisions on upgrades without bugging everyone I know. Once I get my gun up and running, I'm really looking forward to trying speedball!

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