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How do PSI and Cubic Inch go together?

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Hey guys, so after getting my first HPA tank, I've always been wondering what these "26/3000" and "60/3000" meant. I obviously knew the tank had a capacity of 3000 psi, but I don't really understand the Cubic Inches part. I couldn't find an answer online and I'm quite sure I'm blind to something really obvious. So could someone explain this for me? Thanks.

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Your tank capacity is not measured in psi. The interior volume of the tank is simply that; as renegadecow said, "The bigger the tank = the bigger the tank!"


That being said, the pressure of the air in the tank is also psuedo-measure of the capacity because of the compressibility of air. The mechanism behind the flow of air is the equalization of pressure in the tank itself and on the outlet of the tank regulator. For standard tank regulators this is in the ballpark of 600-700PSI and for SLP (super low pressure) it is around 200PSI. The air will flow through out of the tank which decreases its pressure. Once the pressure inside the tank reaches the tank regulator pressure, the air stops flowing as it does not have the force to withstand the regulator diaphram spring. The user would assume that the tank is "empty" however it still has quite a bit of pressure still within it, and the "amount" of air in the tank is whatever the tank volume is, in cubic inches.


TL;DR: what renegadecow said - get the biggest tank you want to carry; if you want a more detailed explanation, google search "pV/nRT = constant" or PM me and I can explain


I personally run a 62/3000 tank because no field/scuba shop near me can fill a 4500PSI tank.

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