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What motor I can put inside my (pre-upgraded) Marui Sig-552?

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Hi to all,

I have a Marui Sig552 that I’m very satisfied!

I did make my preparator this upgrade:

- Precision barrel 6.02

- Spring (do not exactly know what spring) and now shot at 0.92J

- Reinforced gear of sector and central (conic I leave the original Marui) still at 18:1

- Piston with 1^ teeth reinforced (Maybe not all piston… )

- Head piston for high roof

Now my rifle is very affidable and shot about 17-18 BB/sec at 0.92J with LiFe 9.9v

So, the motor was not upgraded… And the rof is not very high…. I want avoid LiPo 11.1v because my piston have only 1^ teeth reinforced and not all teeth… So…. Do you thing change motor can be a valid option???

Now is present the original one, Marui EG1000!

I suppose I can mount a high speed or super high speed because I have 18:1 gear and a not very hard spring…

1) What motor I can mount it?

2) I risk to destroy my piston

3) What kind of length motor I can mount? I see my motor but I do not understand what kind is it: Is not very long but not very short… There is a middle length for EG1000? Anyone Know exactly what length mount Marui-Sig-552?

Many thanks!!!

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Many thanks! This is my "affidable-rifle" so it must remain affidable! eheh!

If I want to improuve speed I must change piston with one that have full-teeth-reinforced and, after that, change motor OR change battery OR both!


Thanks for your answer!



Teeth type has nothing to do with it.


It is the spring. If you increase the motor speed the spring will not be strong enough to bring the piston forwards fast enough before the motor tries to move it back again.


This condition is called pre-engagment.


Know your AEG as a "system" before you do upgrades.

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I do not consider the re-engage!

In my other rifle I do (my preparator did....) a "short race" so it is very difficult to re-engage..

If I remember correct was mount an SP100 spring. that is not a variable step!


I suppose that the only need is a faster motor but I was wrong!


Only last try: I suppose that a very faster motor will re-engage, but a bit-faster motor, can re-engage anyway? So you can read this question in this way: "With this spring, the re-engage is very close or maybe there is some bit improuvemant margin?"


And the last question: what type of motor is the EG1000 that mount on sig552? I see it but it is not the long version but is never the short! exist for EG1000 a middle version?



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