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Urgent! Brand new KWA RM4 not shooting and I need it tomorrow..

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So I received my RM4 last night, shot it a few times since it was really late and worked fine. This morning I went to actually fire it outside and it wouldn't shoot! I press the trigger, it depressed but nothing happens. I tried to wiggle the little bolt switch inside the mag well that this video shows to do to fix (apparently a lot of people were having a non firing problem with this gun).


It doesn't do anything. I got it shooting a few times, and both times it was when I took the hand guard off and touched the wiring. As soon as I put the hand guard back on it would stop shooting once again. This is very irritating and I need this gun for tomorrows game. the fuse seems to be fine as well as the wiring (from what I can tell). What could be causing this problem?

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