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Operation: Cracking Sky ~ 05/14/16 @ HITW

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Operation: Cracking Sky

Saturday, May 14th, 2016

End the War, Before It Ends You

Hole in the Wall Paintball
24262 66th Street
Bangor, Michigan 49013

Official Event Thread and Roster: http://www.miairsoft.org/index.php?topic=610.0
Ages: 14+
Participant Fee: $25.00 (Walk On, Cash Only! No Credit Card On Site), $20.00 (PayPal Prepay).
Prepay (PayPal) Information: armoryairsoft<AT>gmail.com (Due By: 05/01/16).
- Signature of parent or guardian required for minor participants.
Walk-On Registrations: Post in the official event thread with your name, call-sign, home team, age, and what faction you would like to play on. Payment will be made at field registration, cash only. No credit card sales.
Prepay Registrations: Paypal registration amount to armoryairsoft<AT>gmail.com. Please include your name, call sign, home team, age, and which faction you would like to play on.
- Please mark all prepays with the subject "Op: Cracking Sky Registration".
- Please print your paypal payment conformation and bring it to registration! This is proof you prepaid!
Event Times:
Pre-Event Camping Open: 6:00 PM, Friday, May 13th.
Registration/Chronograph Open: 9:30 AM, Saturday, May 14th.
Event Briefing/Field Walk On: 10:00 AM.
Game Start: 10:30 AM.
Lunch Period: 1:30-2:30 PM.
Game Resumes: 2:40 PM.
Event End: 5:00 PM.

“Crack the sky, shake the earth” [we are] “about to inaugurate the greatest battle in the history of our country…”

Differing strategies, political doctrine, cultural ideologies, popular opinion; both for and against, are defining characteristics of the Vietnam War. Lasting nearly twenty years and claiming the lives of over two million people, it has left a distinct imprint on international politics and the “hearts and minds” of countless others around the world.
Beginning in November of 1955, with the exit of French military forces from former ‘French Indochina’, United States support originally began as a containment strategy to limit communist expansionism by the Soviet Union and its allies. A partition at the 17th parallel divided Vietnam into a communist supported North and democratic South following a rigged election in October 1955 by Ngo Dinh Diem.
Large scale, organized dissidence erupted across South Vietnam between 1954 and 1957, but was not effectively quelled by Diem’s government. By mid 1958 increasing levels of violence and political disobedience reached a level where legislation permitting “death and property confiscation” was enacted for acts of violence.
In March of 1956 southern communist leader Le Duan proposed a plan to other members of the Politburo to revitalize insurgency in South Vietnam; the proposal was unequivocally rejected, however limited measures to revitalize the insurgency were approved in December.
North Vietnamese communist leadership approved a ‘people’s war’ on South Vietnam at a session in January 1959. The first arms delivery via the ‘Ho Chi Minh Trail’ through secluded and mountainous areas of Laos was completed by August. Laos was invaded by North Vietnam that same year and used over 30,000 troops quickly construct routes for the movement of troops and supplies through areas of Cambodia and Laos. Between 1961 and 1963, 40,000 communist troops infiltrated into South Vietnam; coordinated North Vietnamese offensives exploded across the country the following year.
Uniform Requirements:
United States-South Vietnam (Green Team): M81 Woodland, MARPAT, Woodland DPM, Tiger Stripe, OD Green, and Alpenflage.
North Vietnam-Vietcong (Tan Team): Multicam, Tri-Color Desert, Six-Color Desert, Arid Marpat, ACU, ABU, Khaki, Black, Contractor, Partial Uniforms, and Civilian.
- 'Contractor' (Private Military Contractor) is define as khaki colored pants and a black top. No exceptions.
- Ghillie Suits are allowed on either faction.
- Mismatched uniforms (uniforms of two different color types) are only allowed on one faction.
- Gear color (vest, holster, belt, goggles, shemagh, boots, etc) do not apply towards uniform requirements.
Eye Protection Regulations:
- ANSI Z87.1 rated full seal eye protection only, no exceptions.
- ANSI rated, full seal goggles or shooting glasses are permitted.
- 'Full Seal' is defined as a foam band separating the lens of the goggle from the frame portion and the face of the user.
- Mesh goggles, lab safety goggles, safety glasses, etc will not be permitted under any circumstances.
- Lower face protection (Mesh Lowers, Mouth Guards, Etc) do not apply to this.
Ammunition-Weapon Regulations:
Handguns, Shotguns, Submachine Guns, and Assault Rifles: 1,500 Rounds.
- All magazine (Low, Mid, or High Capacity) types allowed.
Support Weapons: 2,500 Rounds.
- All magazine (Low, Mid, High Capacity, Box, or Drum) types allowed.
Sniper Rifle and Designated Marksman: 500 Rounds.
- Low or Mid Capacity Magazines Only.
Rocket Launchers, Landmines, IED's, Etc: Undetermined (Normally Allowed).
- Prior field approval only.
Sound Grenades: Allowed.
- Kill Radius: 15 feet.
Smoke Grenades (Hot and Cold Burn): Allowed.
- Allowed with common sense use (if it's starting a fire, put it out).
- Don't ruin it for everyone else (lifetime bans will be issued for reckless use).
- Additional amounts of ammunition or personal items may be left at prospective team respawn location (at your own risk).
- Participants may leave the event at any point to retrieve additional quantities of ammunition, etc stored in other locations (staging area, vehicles, campsites, etc).
Engagement Limits:
1 - 350.0 FPS (0.01j - 1.07j) - Arms length engagement.
350.1 - 410.0 FPS (1.08j - 1.49j) - 20 foot engagement limit.
410.1 - 500.0 FPS (1.50j - 2.32j) - 50 foot engagement limit (Permanent Semi-Auto or Bolt Action Only).
550.1 - 549.9 FPS (2.33j - 2.69j) - Bolt action replicas only.
550 FPS+ (2.7j+) - Prohibited under all circumstances.
- Velocities will be measured using the weight of BB being used.
- All replicas will be issued 'chronograph' tags after being registered and measured. These must remain on the replica for the entire event.
Bang Kills:
- Players may opt to use a 'Bang Kill' when engaging opponents in tight areas or CQC environments. This is strongly recommending when using a high velocity replica at unacceptably close ranges. The assaulting party must say the word "Bang!" loudly and must correspond to the number of players being attacked.
Example: Four Players - "Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang!"...
Knife/Bayonet/Touch Kills:
- Participants may opt to use a simple 'Touch Kill' to quietly disable an opponent. Players must say "Knife Kill" to the opposing party and physically touch the other.
- Participants may use a replica knife/bayonet to also conduct a kill using a physical touch.
- Do not jab, physically assault, or use undue amounts of force.
- Real-Steel knives and bayonets are prohibited under all circumstances.
Surrender Rules:
- Participants may opt to 'Surrender' to an engaging opponent at any point during the event. Players that choose to do so must return to their respective respawn location.
Barrel Bag/Barrel Plug Regulations:
- All participants must have a barrel bag or a muzzle plug on or in their replica when out of gameplay.
- Barrel bags are available at paintball registration for $7.00 each.
Pre-Event Camping:
- Pre-event camping is available to all participants attending the event.
- Pre-event camping will open at 6:00 PM the evening before the event.
- Ages: 16+. No exceptions!
- Participants must bring their own tent, sleeping bag, and camping equipment.
- Participants may only camp in specific areas of the field grounds.
- Staging area campsites are reserved for field staff and/or moderator use only. No exceptions.
- Small fires are permitted in specific areas only.
- We will not be responsible for items that are lost, stolen, or damaged.
- Violation of any field regulations may result in immediate and permanent removal from field grounds without refund.
Zero Tolerance Policy:
The following infractions will result in immediate removal from field property and a permanent ban from field property. Law enforcement may be used if required to remove problematic players.
- Theft of field or company property.
- Vandalism or destruction of property.
- Assault of participants, visitors, or field staff.
- Repeated removal of eye protection.
- Unsportsmanlike like conduct.
General Field Information:
- HPA fills are available on site. $5.00 for all day air fills, up to 2,500 PSI.
- CO2 fills are available on site. 9 oz - $1.00, 12 oz - $2.00, 20 oz - $3.00 , 24 oz - $4.00.
- Power outlets are available on location.
- Live firearms (real steel) are not permitted on field property.
- Not responsible for items or belongings that are lost, stolen, or damaged.
What To Bring Checklist:
- Full-Seal Eye Protection [Required].
- Barrel Bag or Muzzle Plug [Required].
- Airsoft Replica, Sidearm, and Magazines. [Required].
- Batteries, Charging Unit, and BB's [Required].
- Red 'Kill' Rag [Required].
- Camouflage or Uniform [Required].
- Potable water. [Highly Recommended].
- Season appropriate food, and cooler with ice. [Highly Recommended].
- Green gas, propane, CO2 powerlets, and Silicone Oil. [Highly Recommended].
- Canteen / Hydration Pack [Highly Recommended].
- Radio and Charging Unit [Highly Recommended].
- Flash Light / Tactical Light [Highly Recommended].
- Spare Batteries [Highly Recommended].
- Extra Dry Clothing (Shirt, Pants, Socks) [Highly Recommended].
- Extra Dry Footwear [Highly Recommended].
Official Event Thread and Roster: http://www.miairsoft.org/index.php?topic=610.0
Resist the Draft, Don't Register

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