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Old School TM G3 Mag question: are they as finicky about mags as KWA?

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So, I recently picked up an old school all metal TM G3. I recently had it tuned to shoot 400 fps as it was only shooting 211 fps.

My issue is that I have several low caps for it that fit perfectly. The hi caps I have do not fit so well. I really have to slap them in which off sets the hop p, dropping my fps down to 350ish. After some time with a tape measure it turns out that the space between the placement of the bb lip is off by a 1/16 of an inch. This tiny bit is enough to screw everything up. The low caps measure 2 1/8" between the mag hook and the far inside lip.
I have no idea what brand the mags I own are or even how to tell but I am curious if the TM hi caps will fit. I mean, I presume that they will as they are TM but would like to know for sure before I start ordering from all over the globe.


Anyone else have this issue?


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Guest alberty

You mentioned it's an "old school all metal TM G3". That means it has an aftermarket metal body, likely of a different brand. Would that explain your issues in the magazine fitment/seating? Because otherwise, a stock TM would work just fine with OEM TM mags.

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Guges- I really have to smack the hi caps in. At first I was concerned I was torquing the hop up unit but as it turns out its just a really tight fit in the mag well. I have to give them and extra smack to get the hi caps while the low caps just click in.


alberty- interesting. I thought the older TMs were all metal. But that would make sense as I don't remember having as much trouble getting the gear box in and out of the body. its a really tight fit. oh well, over all the gun looks and feels amazing so I can deal with minor issues here and there. The price was good too so I can't really complain.

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TM's never made a metal receiver G3. They are not allowed to by Japanese back when they made the G3 and still they don't.


CA is most likely the maker of your metal body and well...they are rather not very good.


DENtrinity made a few select runs way back 12 years ago too...but I doubt you have that.


I would see where it's rubbing and polish the receiver to allow all mags to work.

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