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ak gearbox to g36 gearbox guide.

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​Have you ever had the problem of a g36 gearbox breaking down, or you wanted to purchase a v3 gearbox shell to put into a g36? Well this guide will teach you how to do exactly that. WARNING: THIS GUIDE IS FOR INTERMEDIATE AND ABOVE TECHS.

What you will need: G36 safety latch coverpost-91837-0-41291000-1459295500_thumb.j

, g36 trigger assembly or SPEED trigger assemblypost-91837-0-72547400-1459295541_thumb.j

, g36 tappet plate,

g36 selector plate. post-91837-0-17654500-1459295579_thumb.j

g36 wiring harness. (I haven't seen yet a g36 with a wire set up like an ak), post-91837-0-94007100-1459295603_thumb.j

a g36 motor cage and a short type motorpost-91837-0-10439600-1459295670_thumb.j

the wire holder (optional) .


​g36 air nozzle (optionaly you can use the specific g36 cylinder head along with this for maximum performance)


The selector switch assemblypost-91837-0-29962300-1459298199_thumb.j


and the selector latch from a g36.


​First step. Get your g36 gearbox that broke down. Then get your v3 gearbox of your choosing. (this is for most but not all g36's as in a kwa may not work due to some proprietary parts (they have jg parts on evike so it's all good.))


​Second, unscrew the safety latch cover from the g36 gb. put it on the v3 as shown in the first photo. there may be compatibility issues due to the corner being too tall for the v3 gearbox. ive fixed that by adding a longer screw in the middle.. I will be dremelling it down later


Step 3: add the selector plate as shown in photo 3 above. I recommend taking off the COL (cut off lever) beforehand to make it much easier.


Step 4: take your gearset. shim it (of course).


Step 5: wire the gun to the wiring harness so that there is no confusion in the future.


Step 6: Put gun together.


There you have it. something I and many other v3 gb techs have been wondering for years how to do until I made a breakthrough today.








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crap. didnt realize how small the pictures were up top (O.o)

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Wait...don't forget G36 air nozzle and the ambidextrous gear assembly...

DANG IT. ill edit it haha

Edited by mrbeny127

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