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Semi-transparent magazines - anyone interested?

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"I know the voices in my head aren't real but they have really good ideas..."


I wanted those semi see-thru Tmags but all sold out and discontinued.


Then my inner capitalist piggy woke up, there's a market for this stuff!


Recently I've learned to 3D model stuff with Solidworks and I'm getting pretty good at it too.


Now, I've made the best M4 magazine in the world! *hic*


Basic concept is being a see-thru like Tmags and single-row for perfect feeding. As market demands, an extra lap gives the magazine more capacity.


The whole magazine can be fieldstripped by removing two pins.

The heavy-rubber bottom plate is designed to take drops and accept magpuls via cutouts or its own loop.

The spring-quide can be removed by hand for easy cleaning.

Even the little nub holding the BBs in has a bit bigger button, because: nicer


I've mapped out makers for an alu-mold to make couple thousand units, then move into more expensive steel molds.

Currently waiting if I can get starter-cash from local county or so.


I've already got a local maker for some high-quality springs that won't wear out anytime soon.


Quality and reliability are top priorities.


Bottom-plate with an integrated loop is in the works.

Few other models too, AK, MP5, G36, M14, etc...

Midcaps are also planned, will need testing.


Adding more laps to the single-row is being tested already.


Several "shades" or colors will be offered: black, OD and tan.


Also mapping out retailers willing to sell these and so far I've had a warm welcome. If anyone has contacts, feel free to drop me pm.


Two questions remain:

One: What features would you like to see in the magazine? It's all open for ideas.

Two: Would you buy these? I'm hoping these are yours for sub 15 bucks.


Im hoping to get these into production within the next couple of months if all goes well.


Current plan is to 3d print a prototype, make corrections to the model based on that proto, then re-proto and test it.

If all goes well, optimize the model for molds and get them made. Once the molds are done, perfect the transparency and colors, then mass-produce these.


"Designed by a fat nerd from Finland in his mom's basement"


Pics in Dropbox:


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