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It's better to stay away from AsiaAirsoft...

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Hallo friends, I write from Italy to warn everyone to be very far away from AsiaAirsoft shop.
The web site is really pretty and prices seem convenient but prey your god do not have problems with them after purchase.
I ordered on december 2015 an Ephaestus M4 Trigger set spending 77$ and receiving an Ephaestus AK47 Trigger set.:eek:
At the beginning they said they would sent the correct item or refound money.
Four months and a lot of emails later I didn't see anything and they no longer answer to my emails.:mad:
So I say again: if you like risk and bettings buy from them, if you like reliability and honesty STAY FAR AWAY FROM http://www.asiaairsoft.com

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Thank you Claus57 for your intell.
I know of the owner and hes a one man (family) band.
Although I don't know him personally, I don't think he would intentionally try to rip you off, but I have also heard of others with issues too.

Have you tried leaving a few polite messages in there face book ? and or spamming a dozen emails to try to get your message across?
Although avoid making threats and ultimatums, as some retailers will consider this extortion.

And due to the 45 day limit for paypal refunds you can't get a refund, but you shouldn't stop hitting them up for what they owe you.

If they can't get you what you ordered, store credit is the most easiest and simplest solution that they can do in seconds. case closed!


But still if they continue to :censored2: you around.... feel free to keep spreading the word of there wonderful service on every major airsoft forum of every country.

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