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I saw another question that was answered but I need some more info asap. I have a 7.4v mini lipo. 35c 1500mah. 2s. I need to know when to charge it. I heard when a cell reaches 3.2 is the lowest rating you should charge it at. is this true? if not, when should I charge it????

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Guest alberty

There's information there about nominal charge for lipo batteries, I think it's something like 3.8v per cell. When I use my computerized chargers like an IMAX B6 to use the storage mode, it's by default set to get each cell to 3.8v per cell.


I'm seeing the number 3.7v, like if you have a 7.4v lipo battery (2S), that would be 2 times 3.7v = 7.4v.


Like airborne101 says, if it gets lower than 3.7v, like 3.4 or 3.2, etc...it should still be OK to get it charged back up. Below that, the charger may no longer charge the battery, saying low voltage error (or just blinking if it's a cheaper balance charger).


What I do is bring a lipo checker & monitor with me. The the monitor/alarm is connected to my battery as I play, it has a set detection to beep when it gets to a certain threshold (probably 3.4v per cell?). Then in the staging area, I'll use my lipo checker with LED reading and it will tell me the readings so I know if it's time to stop and switch out batteries.

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thank you guys so much! this really has me relieved. haha. I have one of hose fancy lipo alarms that shows the voltage of each cell. its pretty sweet :) thank you again

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