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After a ton of research I have decided I am probably going to get this


but I hear a bunch of people saying that they really like kwa...and some who hate them...Ive noticed that alot of the posts from the people who hate them are from about 5 years ago, is this just because they had a couple problems back then? I feel like people either hate of love them?

Please any input would be good? (pros/cons)

Also, if you have a better option for $200, I am interested...Thanks Guys!

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Guest alberty

KWA does a few parts differently than standard, bringing some advantage and some disadvantage.


They have nice metal externals and decent sturdy internals, but they use a split-body opening design (upper being proprietary), 2-piece hop-up unit with proprietary air nozzle, and proprietary reinforced gearbox shell with uncommon 9mm bearing in their 2GX series.


As a stock gun, it's nice. As for upgrading, you can upgrade the most common parts (gears, spring, piston, cylinder, motor, bucking, inner barrel). But if you need or wanted to change the receivers or air nozzle, you might run into compatibility problems, and that's what people don't like is when the gun will only take very certain parts in the design.


Nowadays, with all of the brands, selection, and upgrade parts to choose from, KWA is not necessarily a #1 recommendation.

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what would you recommend for $200?

nice, cheap rifle, upgrade the gears, compression parts for the same amount of money the kwa would cost. right now evike is selling http://www.evike.com/products/30906/ for $100. you might want to take a look at it. then look at nice 16:1 gears, some nice compression parts, correct aoe, and you've got yourself a lean mean great machine ;)

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