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KJW G23 Cycling issues

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Hi, it's been a while since I've posted here.

I have a totally stock kjw g23 and it's finally giving me issues after 2+ years. It will fire, but the slide does not go back far enough to load a bb. I've heard that the kew guide rods tend to have an issue after a while but mine seems perfectly in tact. I've ruled out the magazines entirely because they work fine with my kjw g27.

My guess is that there is an issue with the guide rod or guide rod spring, or possibly a problem with the bbu? haven't had a look at it so I'm not sure. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks in advance!

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Sorry to bring this thread back, I recently installed a guarder frame, slide, outer barrel, and recoil spring onto my pistol. Although it looks great its running into some cycling issues again. It has the typical problem where the hammer catches on the nozzle housing so I'm getting a guns modify zero hammer which should solve the problem. But it also is catching on the outer barrel as well.


The outer barrel doesn't always tip upwards like it should so the slide gets stuck right before the hammer would hit the nozzle housing. The slide will go back but it won't come forward unless I manually push the barrel up and back. I can't seem to find a solution on the internet so I was wondering if someone has an idea on how to fix it?

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