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FS: EBR, L85a2, M4, 5-7, M14 stuff & M4 Rails (DD/YHM)

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Looking to see if I can still offload a few more guns. Trades at the bottom. Paypal only. Shipping from VA, if from the west coast expect anything that doesn't fit in a flat rate to be anywhere from $25-45 to ship.






$265 G&G L85A2 - Got this locally not that long ago. I do like the gun a lot, but I just don’t use it. The gun is stock if I am remembering correctly and everything checks out except the gun’s semi is kinda off sometimes. Will do auto sometimes while in semi, but it’s not a huge problem and doesn't happen alot. I'll be testing this again soon. Ebb disabled.

Comes with a STAR Susat 4x and a custom large type battery for the gun. Comes in original box. In very good shape, never fielded.







$160 Left over parts M4 - I am willing to part the externals as a lot, not individually, or if you want me to actually give the gun a good once over for a little more on top I can do that too.

A M4 I recently created out of spare parts from my bins. Externally it's got a G&P MBK, G&P cw barrel/delta ring/front sight/charging handle/mag catch, a TM KAC style RIS, random rail covers, random carry handle, old TM bolt catch, G&G painted motor grip, plastic flash hider, steel rear sling plate, CYMA buffer, G&G? crane stock, and the vfg is a TM. Internally it's mostly JG? with a CA Spur, E1 motor, and a brass ported cylinder. Hop up unit is a G&G and the barrel is 300mm G&P with a random bucking I had. Has what seemed to be 7mm bearings? a plastic bearing spring guide, and a cut spring. Rear wired small type. Unsure of FPS atm, but it might need some compression work or maybe silicone sealant in places like the cylinder head and a better nozzle with an o-ring for sure because I really just threw this one together. I was just tired of looking at these parts. It shoots fine, but it does have some problems:

-The first is the RIS is just a tad too big inside the delta ring so if you push forward on the VFG and then downward the RIS lower pops off, thus the rubber band pictured. If you pull backwards and down it doesn't happen and it stays in place. If you were to slightly dremel the delta or RIS it'd solve the problem. I'm lazy. I also wish I had a dremel, but I might attempt to fix this myself.

-Next is the fact that there is no spring or plastic piece for the charging handle. This means you can't pull the mock bolt backwards to adjust hop, but since the upper slides off quite easily with G&P's design this isn't too bad. That or you remove the mock bolt all together. Although you can just push the mock bold with your fingers.

-Next is the mag catch held the mags too low because it's a tad thin and I had to push it up by putting some electrical tape under it. Just something to be aware of. This was necessary for MAG midcaps, haven't tested other mags.

-Next is that the upper receiver was damaged. The little nub/hole the front body pin goes into snapped off. I have since gorilla glued it and it has held up to use at a small game. May need some pinning/screwing and epoxy down the road for a better and more permanent hold but it's fine as is and I'm lazy.

-Lastly is that the delta ring will not come off the upper. I tried and that is how that little piece snapped off the upper. Don't know why since the day I put it on I didn't torque it hard or use any adhesive. It's just stuck. If you want to put a free float on here best of luck. If not, it'll be fine.











$400 WE M14 EBR - Got this in a trade, but it is just not my style (heavy). Will come with the rest of the rails which I removed to save weight and appropriate hardware to remount. Also will come with a spare bolt pictured, a CYMA optic mount unpictured, two leak free mags, one of which is missing the bolt lock piece, harris bipod and a G&P Smith trademarked QD suppressor for the vortex flash hider.

It is stock and the trigger box is in good shape from what it looks.

If from the west coast, expect shipping to cost upwards of $40+ because that's how much it cost to get this over here to me.

If you don't want the smith can I can take the price down a touch, but that's the only accessory I'd want to keep for myself. I don't have any other M14s, so yeah.








$175 TM Five Seven - TM 5-7 with three mags and a Blackhawk serpa without the paddle. Also will come with a Guarder body kit pictured.

Gun is mostly stock except a steel MAG outer barrel and some reinforcement work on the barrel/assembly itself to help it stay in place which I have pictured. The gun has two problems: First is that the mag catch is worn down as pictured, if you can see it, and as such will allow the mags to sit too low at times leading to short improper cycles at low power. Second is the two cracks pictured, near the ejection port and a hairline near the rear of the gun.

These aren't tough to fix, but I'm just not really trying to do it myself because I'm lazy. I was even thinking of putting a creation metal inner slide in, but I ended up here putting this up for sale mainly because it just doesn't fit in well with my gear. It was cool to play with, but I'm good now.





$80 Madbull Daniel Defense FSP 12" Omega RIS - Used lightly, but now I just don't need it. Has all hardware.

$50 Yankee Hill Machine 10" Diamond Series RIS - Painted and used. Comes as pictured. Will work fine on standard uppers, wont thread onto unmodified G&Ps.




I also have lots of parts.

Sold my last M14, but I still have lots of M14 stuff left: An atacs-ish stock, with matching heat shield but the folding shoulder/stock plate broke off. ($15) A number of mixed brand mid and hicaps 5x total I also have other externals: A spare E1 M14 receiver ($20) A lot of mostly small stuff triggers, bolts, the selector piece in a bag etc. Also have one extra plastic mag along with the parts. Would like to sell it all as a lot since I don't have an M14 anymore so offer up.

$10ea - Along with the M14 stuff are two plastic M14 RISs. These are both off of a cheap clone springer, but are almost perfect for AEGs. They’re light and will hold accessories just fine. As pictures I had one method of attaching it to my past M14s, and one that was a spare in case I destroyed the other. With some modification they make a great light and cheap rail system for your front heavy M14.




I'll take trades. What I'd really trade for are guns like the BELL M10 please, WG Nagant, or WG Webly revolvers, a TM 870, WE Mak, KJW M700, CA B&T MP5A3 or TM MP5A5 (No J-type or full stocks), AGM Sten, M79 or Madbull AGX, and unique/nice pistols, especially if it has a nice aftermarket slide.

I also will accept most any working, or non-working TM 1911s, 4.3 Desert/Foliage etc. Warriors, Strike Warrior / Detonics, etc. and quality associated upgrade parts, MBKs, etc No WE/KJW/angelcustom/matrix/cqbchina-whatever or hicapas unless it's that long slide kjw xcelerator hicapa which I do certainly want.

I also will take quality NIB steel G&P WOC M4 related parts and uppers. Will maybe take a G&P lower that has good trademarks, ie no skullfrog etc, but more realistic "M16a1/Govt" etc trademarks and a decent lightweight aluminum 10" barrel. Open to most offers.

Also accepting leak free WE open bolt V2 M4 mags.

Lastly I want a Holosun circle dot or maybe a primary arms aimpoint clone with a 1/3 cowitness mount.

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5-7 Sold


Leftover G&P M4 now comes with standard stock, as I'm keeping the crane stock, and the VFG has been replaced with a TM rail cover.



New Guns:


TM/G&P M16a4 - So I'm still thinking up a price on this one, but it's a stock TM M16a1 inside a G&P M16a1 lower with a regular flat top G&P upper and mixed furniture.

Outside it's the quintessential M16. Inside it's all stock TM w/ a eg700, but the hop up unit got messed up and might need replacement down the road. Still works, but I'll provide pics if necessary.

Front end is some kind of clone I think. I could be a really old Marui, but I bet it's JG or E1. Rough shape, but it works and looks the part even if it's not the proper style. Barrel is that multi piece older variety. Stock and motor grip along with the rest of the externals are nice quality G&P stuff. R/G dot ACOG also for sale, and I'll likely include it with the gun plus a decent metal carry handle and the vfg which is a Marui to fulfill all your M16a4 needs.

Price coming soon maybe.


$105 DBOYS RK-12 - BNIB Dboys RK-12 Aks74u. It's supposed to be a SLR106UR clone, but the flash hider is a standard one. Other than that, it's all stock and never used. A few tool marks from disassembly and folding the stock etc, but it's pretty much new inside and out. Comes with stock waffle hicap. VFC Style with good rivets.

Two issues: One is that the upper handguard/front sight is loose. Won't fall out on you, but it's something to note. Second is that the selector is funny and won't go from semi to auto and physically will not fully shift into safe or into semi. Basically you can go from safe to auto to semi, but not safe to semi to auto. It's a problem with tolerances or my assembly, but it's not a huge problem as safe semi and auto are functional on the gun. As for the safe/semi shifting, the selector is stiff and won't move all the way up or down. If you take a look at the pictures you'll see what I mean. Same deal with shifting to semi, it won't move all the way so visually it looks funny. Doesn't affect function of semi/auto/safe.

I have a number of mags for sale along with this gun. All steel, 7.62 style with metal lips. 3-ish? hicaps and 2 mids of the clone variety I believe. I can't differentiate between the brands. PM me for more pics.


I also have two leaky WE M4 open bolt mags if interested. $30 for the two, one in tan one black.

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I have a G&G G960 Mauser I would trade for that L85, it's not a KJW M700 but very similar. It uses the G&G M700 upgraded bolt, 2 magazines. Message me if interested and I will send pictures.

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