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Selector Switch Options (Need Help)

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Recently received a boneyard Full Metal Lancer Tactical KAC PDW. Opened it up and already on the order for parts to replace the internals, not the issue.


My issue currently is the selector switch is missing. not sure what options I have as far as that goes so I have a few questions.


1. Are selector switches proprietary?

2. Are there other Switches that will fit this?

3. It uses an ambidextrous selector setup, with gears, is it possible to remove the gear setup completely and just exchange it all to normal m4 switches?


Video of the guns gearbox dissassembly is in this link if a visual representation of the selector setup, gearbox or reciever is needed;

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Guest alberty

You may be able to use other VFC SR-16/KAC-type ambidextrous switches as a substitute, but at that point you may as well try to seek the OEM.


You could potentially switch back to a regular M4 switch setup if you change the selector plate too, however, the question is whether or not the PDW body will fit the M4 switch correctly externally.

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