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CREN Works

Killing Spree of Safety kills

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Here was a time where I had a crazy sneak attack on a lot of guys. Check it out!

Subscribe and like some videos to help me make more! If you have any suggestions let me know! I am coming out with more footage each month and it might become more often with more subscribers.

Here is the channel!


Here is just a sample video:

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im an old school airsofter , back then we just shot people no matter what range with courtesy, please don't take offence to this but its just my opionion on seeing this ,,this saftey kills looks like a cheap way of getting in behind enemy lines , especially when your casually walking like if your dead or on there team and wispering "bang bang" , the first 2 kills fair enough you had them dead to rights no argument there but that 3rd kill? just casually walking on up , gun probably not even raised , you should of shot him but you knew if you did then the rest of the team would of been on alert.. , same if you had shot the first two then maybe the 3rd guy would of been on alert , so is this a regular style of play now? just curious , don't agree with it but if this is legit now then so be it...

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