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What color bbs to use for an inexperienced sniper?

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So, here pretty soon I'm getting a Snow Wolf US Army M24 Scout bolt-action sniper rifle, along with an Angel's customs spring. But that's beside the point... In a sniping environment (eg an open game field) I was wondering if I should use black .25s bbs (which have a fantastic stealth aspect) or light green .25s. (which I can use to adjust my shots and observe winds speed and direction along the flight path) While I'm not new to airsofting, I am new to sniping/sharpshooting and was wondering if anyone had some advice on what color bb I should start with. Thanks!



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Guest alberty

I wonder if brown would be a little better than green.


I don't think black would really help. You yourself may have a very hard time tracking your own shots, and a single shot at a time from a bolt-action probably won't be any more or less stealthy if you have a darker BB, usually it's the sound of a BB hitting something that gets people looking.

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<AT>OP: For a start, use white BBs until you get comfortable with your rifle. Next, use grey or brown. I never recommend black.

Regarding the weight, since you use a sniper rifle, use something heavier, over .3g. Heck, I use .28g for my assault rifle at 130 m/s.

As for the producer of the BBs, buy something as high as your budget affords. Quality really makes the difference.

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