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WTS Airsoft Lot 1911 WE, Marui AA12, KWA M11, Marui Glock18c

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Hello guys, getting out of the sport once again, so here's the loot for sale. All of these guns are in excellent/new condition unless otherwise noted. The only time they were fired was to test them. They were more of collectors pieces to me than field guns.

Rules: Prices include shipping within the United States mainland, however I am willing to meet up local to South Florida for a cheaper price. I am NOT looking for trades, NOT willing to hold, NOT willing to part out any of the packages. Paypal only.


-Tokyo Marui AA-12, Semi/Full-Auto AEG tri-barrel (Asking $530 shipped) Near mint condition, fired only once for testing

--4 magazines


--Bottle of 5000 0.25 weight BB's

--G&P 1600 mAh battery with charger

--All original packaging and documentation


-WE 1911 MEU NG3 Custom, Semi-Auto GBB (Asking $200 shipped) Near mint condition, fired only once for testing

--WE's NG3 upgrade system which includes a slew of upgraded internal parts for reliability, power, accuracy and longevity.

--Madbull Outer and inner barrel extension kit (Inner barrel runs through suppressor)

--King Arms A.A.C. Suppressor (includes CW and CCW threading adapters for it)

--Original WE barrel and inner barrel with threading adapter included

--3 magazines (Extra baseplate included)

--Herret's Custom real steel grips (Installed)

--Original WE MEU grips

--All original packaging and documentation


-Tokyo Marui Glock 18C with real trades Semi/Full Autio GBB (Asking $220 shipped) Near mint condition, fired only once for test

--2 magazines, normal and one long

--Bottle of 2700 0.25 weight BB's

--All original packaging and documentation


-KWA Mac11 M11A1 NS2 Semi/Full Auto GBB (Asking $ 180 shipped) Used but in excellent condition

-2 magazines

-Uninstalled G&P steel kit (includes a steel upper receiver, steel stock with Cobray trademark, receiver pin, rubber grip and threaded steel flash hider)

-Also including yet another G&P rubber grip and steel flash hider.

-KSC Front strap


-Marushin 8mm BB's 0.34 weight, 1000 BB's total (Asking $13 shipped) Never opened


Thanks for looking, feel free to ask for more information or additional pictures. If you require more feedback from elsewhere or any other verification, don't hesitate to ask!



















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Gunner calling,


Wanted to talk to you re purchase of a number of your adverted guns, but my PM box is full until I read my lapsed registration (and get off the pot and delete some very old messages). Till then, I can be contacted at:




I'm am quite seriously interested in multiple items, including the TM AK shotgun and the Ingram, WE M1911 items





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I will commit to purchase of your used WE M1911, with adverted accessory components for $150. I also wish to purchase the KWA M11 'ingram/Cobray' package. In addition, I would like to discuss purchase of the listed TM 'select fire shotgun, patterned after George A's prototype auto shotgun of the very early 1970's.


Please feel free to check my references under 'Gunner79' at many of the better known Airsoft Boards (particularly ClassicAirsoft.org, among others). I am pretty well-regarded in the airsoft community at large, as a serious collector of a large portfolio of rare, exotic and/or one-off airguns. I posted my contact email address in the post I made earlier today. ping me if you still wish to sell. Regards,



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