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L96 internal component compatibility

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The idea which I have due to I'm just new to airsoft guns.

I just bought a E&C china manufacture L96 sniper spring gun, which I am not so satisfy with the effective range nor the FPS it gives.

the main quation here is that I have been through checking alot of L96 guns that is manufacture by different company, example : Well L96, and others. which has exacly the same internal structure as all other manufacture.

because my gun only produce 460-480 FPS which it is just nearly the same as a common assault rifle power, I am deciding that is it possible I use the Well L96 upgrade kit(Spring, and other internal that significant boost FPS and range.)which can get my gun to 550FPS and would it be compatible with my E&C L96?


and is it possible that someone can provide a effective range on certain FPS?


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No common "airsoft assault rifle" hits 460 to 480 fps out of the box.


However a 400fps AEG can out range you easily if it has a better hop-up.


FPS =/= Range in airsoft.

Wow thanks, this is completely new information I have. I always thought FPS=Range, but then this comes back to my main Q. cause I do notice I have a bad hopup chamber in my sniper(some stuff are not working.) can I replace with another hopup chamber for L96 even though it was meant for Well L96? Huge thanks by the way

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I must preface the comment that Bolt Action Rifles of this "Class" was not meant to be upgraded. They are just cheap clones meant to fleece new players for money. They never intended to support. This is proven by the lack of information that is on it out there.


Can you post a picture of your magazine?


Also...have you cleaned it with a solvent yet? And if you did what brand of solvent did you use?

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