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Hopup help?

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Hi, guys

I just got my first air soft gun today. I was testing it out when I tried to change the hopup. I saw no difference and so I turned it up more, it did not do anything. but the more I adjusted it it shot slower. Then it made a weird noise and the gun jammed. this happened twice. I then turned down the hopup and it shot regularly. Then after a few shots the battery died (it was brand new, just arrived so I think it was not fully charged) I just really want to know if I damaged my gun?

Thanks guys!

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sounds like a bad bucking. a video would be very nice

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Guest alberty

Yes, you should have charged your battery before using it. Out of the box, it may not be charged to cycle the gun well. Additionally, using a low battery for too long can get you to lock up the gearbox sometimes.


Were you adjust the hop-up dial or hop-up arm? If so, when you adjust it too far (too high), you will cause a BB jam because the BB then cannot pass through the chamber. If you continue to pull the trigger during a jam, you may possibly damage the piston or air nozzle or something.


You said when you adjusted it back down, then it was able to shoot again. That goes along with what I just said before, that too much will cause a jam.


Try charging your battery and then test firing the gun again. If you're lucky, nothing was damaged.

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