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I have been wanting an airsift shotgun for awhile and I thought I would ask for some of your opinions before I buy one.


My birthday is coming up and I want to ask for a airsoft shotgun preferably with..


It NEEDS to be trishot


Decent range


pump or electric or gas ( idc)


I live in MA and play on an outdoor field in the woods.


Also fool around with m friends in the woods


A budget would be around $ 100-150


Materials don't matter to me as long as its not crap so polymer and metal


Thanks so much hope this is enogh info

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For 150 you won't find anything of durable quality.


American Consumerism does not apply to Airsoft. You get what you pay for and a 150 retail item is a 75 whole sale item and that is a 25.00 factory item...


Now if CYB ever gets their act together (like it ever has over 30 years of their sordid history) their Mossberg Trishot should be ready late this summer.

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Guest alberty

Under $150 and a tri-shot, you only have the option of the common spring-powered tri-shot shotguns by DE, KOER, and CYMA.


That is, not counting the shell-types like the Goblin thing.

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There is so key contradiction that indicates this is poo.


ASG Franchi SAS 12 3-Shot Burst Airsoft Shotgun - Long

Fully Licensed by Luigi Franchi S.p.A
Powerful 3-Round Burst < Claims this!
Full Metal Barrel Assembly
High Strength Polymer Receiver
Full Length Stock with Comfortable Rubber Buttpad
Buttstock Shell Pouch and 4x Shells included
Fixed Front and Rear Sights

Length: 1040mm
Weight: 2100g
Magazine Capacity: 30rds per shell (4x shells included)
Muzzle Velocity: 240~260 FPS (Measured with 0.20g BBs) < But shoots as hard as an AEP.
Fire Modes: 3-Shot, Safety
Package Includes: Gun, 4x Shells, Buttstock Shell Pouch
Hopup: Yes, Non-Adjustable


Don't waste your money...unless you like to see currency spiral down the toilet...


A guy with a pistol would destroy you in a one on one game.

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