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So I have been teching on guns for a few years on and off. I think I'm finally ready for my first DSG build. My goal is about 50ish RPS at 320 FPS.



Parts List

siegetek DSG

G&G Spur 18:1

SHS Bevel

SHS pinion

SHS HT Motor

G&G Shell (with ARL reset)

SHS Trigger Contacts

G&G Trigger

SHS Piston (Swiss Cheesed)

SHS m170

Unknown Ball Bearing Spring Guide

SHS Aluminum Piston Head(Changing this)

ZCI Cylinder

SHS cylinder head

Unknown Tappet(Might be G&G)

Unknown Air Nozzle

Steel Cut Off Lever


1800 Mah 75C 11.1V

Custom 150000 Mah 35C 11.1V (Buying Single cells and building it)


I've done a preliminary build and I'm getting 47ish RPS and 270 FPS


What can I do to get my gun to my goal thanks guys


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Does your piston move freely in the rails? That and shimming may account for your lower RPS.


What barrel length are you using and what porting, if any, on the cylinder? That and compression would account for your FPS loss.

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