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How do I remove the Elite Force 4crs Rail

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Hi, I bought an aftermarket rail to put onto my Elite Force 4crs, but I can't seem to remove the stock rail. I took off the flash hider and gas block, and unscrewed the two grub screws on the bottom of the rail, but it just won't come off. Does anyone know how to remove it?


-- Just to add on, my outer barrel is lose on the gun aswell so I need to take the rail off to tighten that along with installing the new rail.

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Guest alberty

Can you upload a picture of what it looks like? The barrel nut and whatever else is remaining.

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I am having the same problem with the barrel wobbling. I have gotten my handguard about halfway off after spraying a ton of silicon grease into the grub screw holes and putting it into an AR upper vise block that I use on my real steel guns. I mounted a vertical grip on the handguard and it took all of my strength to get it to the halfway point. The handguard is actually threaded on (threaded righty tighty, lefty loosy unlike the orange safety tip). At this point, however, I cannot get it to move any further and I have afraid I will distort the upper or snap something off.


I also have not had any luck with getting the gas block off. I know, it needs to come off before the handguard can come off, but I wanted to see how hard it would be to get the handguard off. And no, the handguard wasn't pushing against the gas block. I have removed real steal pinned gas blocks that are easier than this thing. I tried to heat up the gas block with a torch in case there was some glue or something on the pins, but I was only able to get one of the pins to shift slightly and I can't get it to move back into its original position.


Since I tried this about a month ago, I have gotten the handguard back to its original position, but this wobbling barrel is really bugging me since I can't hit what I am aiming at.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Pics to come of the handguard and the gas block.


Thanks in advance.


ETA: Pictures



Pictures are of handguard mating to upper receiver, full upper receiver, right side of gas block, and left side of gas block.


If you need any other pictures, let me know and I'll see if I can get them.

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