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Buying my 8 year old his first air soft gun. Lost on which to buy.

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I have been to a couple of big box stores, used Google and am struggling on which gun as we'll as which type of gun to buy.


I noticed the pellet guns are much more powerful, so it seems that an air soft is the way to go.


I am hoping to spend $200 or less and would like to get him a pistol and one that looks like a machine gun.


I found several packages with both, but it seems like it would be better to buy them Separately. I also noticed that several of the guns were heavier than others. Being 8, I think a heavier gun would not be good for him.


The guns will be used for target shooting only.


I saw guns that were pump, spring powered, electric and co2. I am worried the pump may be too hard and I had a co2 gun when I was little and it was terrible (that was a long time ago). I have no idea about electric guns. I am guessing you charge them prior to use.


Based on what I want and this being a starter gun, I would rather save now and pay more later if he really likes it.



Here is what I would like to have:

Machine gun and pistol; easy to use; scope or laser pointer (guessing I can add these); $200 or less;


I hope I provided enough details on what I am looking for. Thank you in advance for advice and suggestions

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I'd suggest this, simply because of the price point and comes with a rifle and pistol. It's also an AEG so there's no worry about strength needed to manipulate a pump or having to continually purchase CO2.



If an issue arises with these, you can simply return them to the store for an exchange or refund, and not have to worry about boxing it up, shipping it across the country and waiting several weeks or months for any kind of repair or replacement.


It's a "get-what-you-pay-for thing", but that doesn't necessarily mean right from the start that it's a bad thing just because it's a BBS purchase. Particularly if it's only going to be used for tin cans and paper targets.

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