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CYMA CM048 rebuild/upgrade

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Hey guys this is my first post so please forgive me for errors. Anyway, I have a CM048 and a couple gears inside took a crap on me and other parts look pretty worn. I put together a little parts list and I want you guys to tell me if it will be decent. Please note I am not an internals expert, otherwise I probably wouldn't be here.


G&P white Piston

I did have a piston head but it is no longer available, what do you guys think I should get?

Lonex a2 short motor

SHS 16:1 gearset

Lonex v3 cylinder head

Lonex o-ring nozzle

SHS Tappet plate

SHS 7mm steel bushings


Yeah this list probably sucks, but that's why I came to you guys.

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just get a maple leaf setup, 50 degree nub+packing(bucking) set and a 455mm maple leaf 6.03 in there and it'll increase your range by quite a bit. the reason for this is that for a setup to work it has to be compatible and the more compatible it is the better its going to function so having your stuff all by the same brand or known brands compatable with it will do wonders for compression and consistency.

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Ditch the Lonex A2 in favor of an SHS high torque or ZCI balanced, it'll be cheaper and more durable and will even have better performance. What's wrong with the stock tappet plate, if it's damaged an SHS tappet plate will be a good replacement though. Beware the the new cylinder head will most likely have to be slightly modified to fit inside the CYMA gearbox shell, you'll see why if you compare the Lonex and stock cylinder head.


Apart from those points it looks good overall. I'd just polish the stock barrel and replace the stock bucking with a Lonex 50*, it'll be quite a bit cheaper and should improve range and accuracy quite a bit.

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