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Small Airsoft Field Setup

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I live on 20 acres and would like to setup a small airsoft field on my property for my son, myself and a few friends to play on.


I want to buy 4-6 reliable, affordable guns that I will be able to maintain over time. I'm thinking that AEG is the way to go, but could be convinced otherwise. I'm thinking a budget around $100 per gun unless a reliable, straight shooting gun cannot be had for this price. Can't afford more than $200 per gun.


Appreciate any advice!!



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100 whole sale...yeah...that is do able...but 100 retail AEG's are pieces of junk. You need to step into the 200 range to begin to barely tap into the good "durable" AEG's.


Plus you will need a GOOD charger and good batteries. Do not buy Dumb chargers if you want it to be durable and splurge for the better packs. Saving 40.00 on five packs is not worth the loss of play time and issues with weak battery packs.


Get the Hota/B6 Quad Charger like this"


It will keep your packs good for 500 cycles versus 80 if you hit it with a dumb charger.



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I play everyweek with my son at my local field

20 acres is alot of running and hiding

I would start simpler

We made a bunch of barricades out of pallets in a forest

And run from barricade to barricade trying not to get hit

Or crawl through high grass

We keep games short , only 15 minutes

We play 8 games a day and 2 of the games are only handguns

The only handgun games are alot of fun and alot more running and really gets the adrenalin pumping

The other games are alot more hiding and waiting until you can get a clear shot

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<AT>Guges Mk3:

Thanks for the insight. Looks like a super smart charger. I have one of the RC Airplane smart charges, but nothing like the one you posted. So, $200 for an AEG of decent quality - this was the data I was looking for. Any brands I should stick with?



20 acres is my total property. We have clear fields, woods, creeks, ponds. Not planning to play on all of it perse, at any given time. I just know that if I buy 2 guys for me and him that will get old quick. If I buy 4-6 guys now we can get other dads and sons to come play without a huge cost sink to them. I just don't want to be buying guns every year because I bought the entry level junkers. Handguns are something I had not thought of. What is the entry level price on a quality handgun?

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Guest jroble95

cyma aks from airsoft megastore, order a bunch when the 75% discount thing is on, you can get them as low as 100 bucks+shipping. You can get some m4s aswell but to get their quality up to par you'd need to pay a bit more and they don't last as long as cyma aks, especially those 100-150 dollar ones when the m4 is in the 200-300 price range. If I were to run a company I would be a consumerist and not a profiteer.

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