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I got offered a trade, wanna know what you guys think.

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I think price wise the Tippman's actually more money, but it really comes down to what you want to run. Right now both of those guns have pretty good resale value so if you make the trade and regret it you can probably turn it around and get something you like better. Here's what I suggest: See if the guy offering the trade will meet you at a local field and trade guns with you for a round or two of play. That way you both know if everything's working and can decide if the trade what you really want to do.

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Not worth it.


The magazine options for the tipmann is non-existent. FPS is not consistent with CO2 and the burn a jet when you change a mage is stupid.


Spare parts is factory only. If he has one of the early ones...good luck on finding SA consistency.


Definitely try before you buy

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