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Oct 1-2 Fall GIANT AIRSOFT GAME VI 300 Players

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GIANT AIRSOFT GAME VI - We are making history!

Oct. 1-2, 2016 .

The Midwest vs the Great Lakes!

All of our wooded courses will be combined to make one GIANT course.

Mission based games with 2 main bases, 6 Fire bases and and several away point.

Entry $50.
Free HP air refills for PolarStar systems.

Only 40 minutes from Saint Paul.
Everyone is welcome!

Free camping Friday & Saturday night.

Gate opens at 18:00

Gate opens at 07:00.
Registration starts at 08:00 and will be open all day.
First half starts 11:00.
Break for lunch 14:00. On your own or items sold.
Teams will switch side after lunch.
Second half start at 16:00
First day end at 19:00.
Prize give away starts at 19:30.
Clean up and pack up 20:00.
Dinner on your own.

Pick-up games until 11pm.

Gate opens at 07:00.
Registration starts at 08:00 and will be open all day.
First half starts 10:00.
Break for lunch 12:30. On your own or items sold.
Teams will switch side after lunch.
Second half start at 13:30.
First day end at 16:00.
Prize give away starts at 16:30.
Clean up and pack up 17:00.
Twin Cities Airsoft
2261 130th Ave.
Baldwin, WI 54013

Power outlets for players to use their own chargers. Plus we will have a rapid charger for players to use as well.

Only 40 minutes from Saint Paul. Take I94 to into WI to exit #19.

400fps with .20BB's.
375fps with .25BB's.
Maximum velocity allowed for Snipers is 500fps with no shots closer than 100 feet to opponent.
Any Sniper Weapons MUST NOT have the ability to fire FULL AUTO.

Read rules at

If under 18 full facemask is required.
All players must sign a waiver. If under 18 a parent must sign it.

Items for sale & rent on site:
BB's 5000 for $15
Lg Smoke $10
Green Gas $15

Gun $30 with 5000 bb's & goggles if needed.
Goggles $5

Soda & Water $1
Gator Ad $2
Pizza $8
Hot Dogs $1
Brats $2
Hamburger $3
Pull Pork $3
Candy $2
Chips $1


See pictures from last years GIANT AIRSOFT GAME I http://splattag.smugmug.com/2013/Giant-Airsoft-Game-I-Twin/32252942_wmCrCM

In 2031 - Four years after a massive asteroid collided with earth, destroying the entire eastern seaboard, eliminating our federal government, crippling our economy, and throwing the entire world into the chaos of a nuclear winter. The United States Federal Government was officially disbanded and governing responsibilities where handed down to the state & local level governments. Tensions rose as the remaining states in the former U.S. sealed their borders, organized their own military forces, and shored up their defenses to protect their natural resources and ensure the safety of their citizens.

Border tensions between the two great states of Wisconsin and Minnesota have gotten out of control as of late due to increased recon missions both states have been conducting on each other to asses military strengths and weaknesses. Senior military officials from Minnesota concluded that Wisconsin needed to be dealt with on a pro-active basis immediately in order to maintain secure borders. Minnesota struck first with its Fast Attack Force driving deep into Wisconsin territory. But Wisconsin would not fade quietly into the night and struck back with their rapid response unit to quickly halt the invading forces advance. The battle stalemated with massive losses to both sides. Decisive action is needed soon to break the other sides defenses and ensure victory for either Minnesota or Wisconsin. This is where the next and perhaps final chapter of our story begins...

The massive troop losses taken during the initial battle is cause of great concern to senior military officials on both sides of this conflict. Additional military reinforcements are on their way to the front lines to fortify and solidify positions. However, the estimate on their arrival is unknown due to extremely poor weather conditions. To ensure the proper level of support for their front line positions, both Minnesota and Wisconsin have put the word out to all citizens to bear arms and support their state in this conflict. Who will answer the call and join their fellow statesmen in this time of greatest need?

Neighboring states to the south (Iowa and Missouri) and to the west of stalwart Minnesota (North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas and Montana) have sent troops and resources to aid The Midwest Alliance in the upcoming battles due to the limited trading agreements in place prior to all out war breaking out over the boarder conflicts.

The staunch defenders of Wisconsin have called in assistance from what is left of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio. These states fight under the banner of The Great Lakes Crusaders. The faster response times due to proximity of these states bodes well for Wisconsin, as they can call in additional support troops much quicker than Minnesota.

The Southern states are involved in conflicts of their own and have yet to throw in with either side of this Northern East/West war beyond roving mercenary/rogue military groups heading north that will fight on the side of the highest bidder for food, shelter and of course fuel/ammo. These roving mercenary/rogue military groups are becoming much more valuable as combat age populations are not being replaced at the rates they are being eliminated due to radiation sickness and conflict.

The question begs to be asked – can either The Midwest Alliance or The Great Lakes Crusaders strike such a decisive victory that they can take over an entire state and hold it? With forces bolstered on each side with fresh troops and renewed supplies, our epic story of survival and post-apocalyptic conflict continues to unfold.

Now the time has arrived to pick a side and grab your trusty Airsoft gun so you can march off to battle with your fellow soldiers. In the trenches, and through the woods you will watch each other's backs and defend your positions whatever the cost may be. For failure to do so is not an option…Victory awaits the bold and the daring. TO BATTLE!

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