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Best place to get a 9.6v NiMh for cheap?

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I'd just try amazon if I were you, I got myself a 3300 MaH 9.6 for like 15 bucks free shipping off of there and it works like a charm



I just said try amazon and then gave an example of a good deal, what do you mean by details. They sell :pain: for super cheap there and that was my point.

And there is your issue.


Only thing you mention is 3300mah. Which is something like this:




This is a SubC Cell, 7 of them. They do not fit in 80% of the AEG's on the market which requires a 2/3A pack like this:




Each pack is configured the same but they are nowhere the same size.




Your pack in 3300mah is on the far right.


While the majority of the market uses packs second from the right.


This is why details are important and not just tossing out "3300mah".

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