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Want to Trade for KWA Kriss Vector

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Hello all, sorry if this was posted in the wrong section as I am new to this forum.


A KWA Kriss Vector has always been my dream gun, ever since getting into airsoft. Sadly, they don't sell them anyone, and I don't want to get the soon-to-be released ebb one by krytac. Also unfortunately I can't go spend $600-1500 on ebay to acquire one. However, I do have a KWA g36c 2gx that is only months old, and a umarex ump elite which is also only months old. Both guns have a bit of playing time on them, but not that much compared to my pistol, as after buying them I figured out they don't really suit my playstyle, although they are both wonderful guns. Both guns are in very good condition, except for a small dent in the top rail of the g36c, and the charging handle on the ump broke loose of the dust cover, which means you have to adjust the hop-up by pulling back the ...thingy that actions back to release the shell on the real gun (don't know what it is called.). If the potential trader wants, I could try to fix it. The g36c had its rails removed, as I don't use them, and in the process lost one of the original screws that was replaced with another. I can't really think of anything else that would make them different from a new one. So... I wish to trade the guns, a lipo and nimh for the guns respectively, 1 ump elite hicap and 2 g36c hicaps, a foregrip, and a reddot for a vector with minimal wear and in fully working condition with optimally 3 mags but I will accept less. I don't care if it is missing a siderail (I won't use it anyway). I will pay shipping to ship my guns to you, you will pay shipping for your guns to me. Also, if you have any offers for me please post (If no one will trade for a vector I would trade ump for another gbb smg or pistols). Thank you for your consideration. I have attached a picture, if you want me to take any closeups just say so.


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