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List the things you are 100% sure will never happen to you

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List things that you are absolutely sure will never happen to you in your lifetime. Below is my list of things that I am a million percent sure will never happen to me. I am so sure that they are more impossible than destroying the universe itself. They are:


-> getting married

-> making a girl pregnant

-> getting a blonde girlfriend

-> getting a french kiss from her.

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Intentionally jump out of a perfectly good aircraft.

In the case of an airliner, this is nearly impossible anyway because of the higher air pressure inside the aircraft pushing out on the doors and the doors open inward.

The outside air pressure at altitude is less than at ground level and the inside of the plane is pressurized to give a breathable atmosphere for the passengers. Even flying at low altitude, the pressure difference is still too great for a strong man to be able to pull open the plane's door and jump out.

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